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IObjectStorageProviderEnableCDNOnContainer Method (String, Int64, String, CloudIdentity)
Enables CDN on the container using the specified TTL and without log retention.

Namespace: net.openstack.Core.Providers
Assembly: openstacknet (in openstacknet.dll) Version: 1.7.7+Branch.master.Sha.25d803f397c8693c2c13777ef6675f796f520f2c
Dictionary<string, string> EnableCDNOnContainer(
	string container,
	long timeToLive,
	string region = null,
	CloudIdentity identity = null


Type: SystemString
The container name.
Type: SystemInt64
The time (in seconds) to cache objects in the CDN. Each time the object is accessed after the TTL expires, the CDN re-fetches and caches the object for the TTL period.
region (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The region in which to execute this action. If not specified, the user's default region will be used.
identity (Optional)
Type: net.openstack.Core.DomainCloudIdentity
The cloud identity to use for this request. If not specified, the default identity for the current provider instance will be used.

Return Value

Type: DictionaryString, String
A collection of HTTP headers included in the response to the REST request.
ArgumentNullExceptionIf container is .
ArgumentExceptionIf container is empty.
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionIf timeToLive is less than 0.
ContainerNameExceptionIf container is not a valid container name.
TTLLengthExceptionIf the provider does not support the specified timeToLive.
NotSupportedException If the provider does not support the given identity type.


The specified region is not supported.

InvalidOperationException If identity is and no default identity is available for the provider.


If region is and no default region is available for the provider.

ResponseExceptionIf the REST API request failed.
If the specified container is already CDN-enabled, this method updates the TTL for the container based on the timeToLive argument.
Note Note
This method is a Rackspace-specific extension to the OpenStack Object Storage Service.
Note Notes to Implementers
The resulting Dictionary<string, string> should use the OrdinalIgnoreCase equality comparer to ensure lookups are not case sensitive.
Version Information

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.5

Supported in: 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3.6
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