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net.openstack.Core Namespace
The net.openstack.Core namespaces define provider-independent interfaces and implementations of OpenStack APIs.
Public classBackoffPolicy
This class provides a default implementation of IBackoffPolicy. The default implementation uses a progressive back-off policy with no expiration.
Public classCoreTaskExtensions
Provides extension methods for efficiently creating Task continuations, with automatic handling of faulted and cancelled antecedent tasks.
Public classExtensibleEnumT
Represents the base class for extensible enumeration types used for strongly-typed values in JSON object models.
Public classHttpStatusCodeParser
A status parser for HTTP status codes.
Public classReadOnlyCollectionPageExtensions
Public classResourceIdentifierT
Represents a unique identifier within the context of a cloud services provider.
Public classRestWebHeaderCollection
Contains protocol headers associated with a REST request or response.
Public classUriUtility
Provides static utility methods for encoding and decoding text within RFC 3986 URIs.
Public classWebRequestExtensions
Provides extension methods for asynchronous operations on WebRequest objects.
Public interfaceIBackoffPolicy
Represents a back-off policy.
Public interfaceIEncodeDecodeProvider
This interface provides methods for encoding and decoding strings which are embedded in the query string section of a URL.
Public interfaceIObjectStorageMetadataProcessor
This interface represents an object that can extract metadata information from a collection of HTTP headers returned from a REST request.
Public interfaceIStatusParser
Represents an object which can convert a string to a Status object containing a status code and a textual representation of that status.
Public enumerationAsyncCompletionOption
Specifies when a Task representing an asynchronous server operation should be considered complete.
Public enumerationUriPart
Represents a specific part of a URI.