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IIdentityProvider Interface
Represents a provider for the OpenStack Identity Service.

Namespace: net.openstack.Core.Providers
Assembly: openstacknet (in openstacknet.dll) Version: 1.7.7+Branch.master.Sha.25d803f397c8693c2c13777ef6675f796f520f2c
public interface IIdentityProvider : IAuthenticationProvider

The IIdentityProvider type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleAddUser
Adds a user to the account.
Public methodAuthenticate
Authenticates the user for the specified identity.
Public methodCode exampleDeleteUser
Deletes the specified user from the account.
Public methodGetEndpoint
Gets the endpoints for the specified service.

Uses a region specific endpoint if available, otherwise returns the global endpoint.

(Inherited from IAuthenticationProvider.)
Public methodGetRolesByUser
Lists global roles for a specified user. Excludes tenant roles.
Public methodGetToken(CancellationToken)
Gets an authentication token for the user.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationProvider.)
Public methodGetToken(CloudIdentity, Boolean)
Gets the authentication token for the specified identity. If necessary, the identity is authenticated on the server to obtain a token.
Public methodGetUser
Gets the details for the user with the specified ID.
Public methodGetUserAccess
Gets the user access details, authenticating with the server if necessary.
Public methodGetUserByName
Gets the details for the user with the specified username.
Public methodGetUserCredential
Gets the specified user credential.
Public methodListEndpoints
Lists the endpoints associated to a given authentication token.
Public methodListTenants
Lists the tenants for the currently authenticated user.
Public methodListUserCredentials
Lists the credentials for the specified user.
Public methodCode exampleListUsers
Lists all users for the account.
Public methodCode exampleUpdateUser
Updates the details for the specified user.
Public methodValidateToken
Validates a given token.
Public propertyDefaultIdentity
Gets the default CloudIdentity to use for requests from this provider. If no default identity is available, the value is .
Version Information

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.5

Supported in: 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3.6
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