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OpenStack Namespace
The OpenStack namespace defines provider-independent interfaces and implementations of functionality used by all OpenStack APIs.
Public classFilterOptions
Options when list a resource that supports filtering.
Public classIdentifier
Represents a uniqe identifier.

This is a Guid which has implicit and explicit conversions to/from Guid and String.

Public classIdentityRequiredException
The exception that is thrown when an IIdentityProvider instance is used as an IAuthenticationProvider and no default identity was specified.
Public classOpenStackNet
A static container for global configuration settings affecting OpenStack.NET behavior.
Public classOpenStackNetTracing
Provides global point for programmatically configuraing tracing
Public classOpenStackNetConfigurationOptions
A readonly set of properties that affect OpenStack.NET's behavior.

To customize, register an event handler for Configuring.

Public classPageOptions
Paging options when listing a resource that supports paging.
Public classRegionRequiredException
The exception that is thrown when a service requires that a region is explicitly set and one was not provided.
Public classResourceErrorException
The exception that is thrown when the requested resource is in an error state.
Public classUserAuthenticationException
The exception thrown when the user authentication process fails, or the authentication process did not provide a value for the ServiceCatalog.