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OpenStack.Compute.v2_1 Namespace
The OpenStack.Compute.v2_1 namespace defines provider-independent interfaces and implementations for the OpenStack Compute v2.1 API.
Public classAddressType
Server address types.
Public classAssociateFloatingIPRequest
Associates a floating IP address to a server.
Public classComputeService
The OpenStack Compute Service.
Public classDiskConfiguration
Controls how the API partitions the disk when you create, rebuild, or resize servers.
Public classFlavor
Represents a resource configuration for a server.

Each flavor is a unique combination of disk space, memory capacity, vCPUs, and network bandwidth.

Public classFlavorListOptions
Optional filter and paging options when listing flavors.
Public classFlavorReference
Reference to a flavor resource.
Public classFlavorSummary
Summary information for a flavor.
Public classImage
A collection of files for a specific operating system (OS) that you use to create or rebuild a server.
Public classImageListOptions
Optional filter and paging options when listing images.
Public classImageMetadata
Metadata key pairs containing information about the image.
Public classImageReference
Reference to an image.
Public classImageSummary
Summary information for an image.
Public classImageType
Server image types.
Public classIPProtocol
Internet Protocols.
Public classKeyPair
Key kair resource.

Does not include the private key.

Public classKeyPairDefinition
Defines an existing public key.
Public classKeyPairRequest
A request to generate a key pair.
Public classKeyPairResponse
The generated key pair.

Includes the generated private key, which is sensitive data.

Public classKeyPairSummary
Key pair summary information.
Public classPersonality
Describes a file to inject into the file system while creating or rebuilding a server.
Public classRateLimit
A rate limit for a service endpoint.
Public classRateLimits
Threshold limits for the compute service that are reset after a certain amount of time passes.
Public classRebootServerRequest
Reboots a server.
Public classRebootType
Server reboot type.
Public classRemoteConsole
Specifies how to connect a console to a Server.
Public classRemoteConsoleType
The remote console type
Public classRescueServerRequest
Puts a server in rescue mode and changes its status to RESCUE.
Public classResourceLimits
Fixed resource limits for the compute service.
Public classSchedulerHints
Hints passed to the compute scheduler when creating a server.

These may be used by the scheduler to determine how and where the server instance is created.

Custom hints can be set via the Add(String, Object) method.

Public classSecurityGroup
Security groups are sets of IP filter rules that are applied to an instance's networking.
Public classSecurityGroupDefinition
Defines a new security group.
Public classSecurityGroupReference
Reference to a security group.
Public classSecurityGroupRule
A security group rule.
Public classSecurityGroupRuleDefinition
Defines a new security group rule.
Public classServer
A virtual machine (VM) instance running on a host.
Public classServerAction
A record of an action applied to a server.
Public classServerActionSummary
Summary informationm for a server action.
Public classServerAddress
An IP address associated with a server.
Public classServerBlockDeviceMapping
Defines how to boot a server from a volume.
Public classServerBlockDeviceType
Server block device types.
Public classServerCreateDefinition
Defines a new server instance.
Public classServerEvent
A record of an event triggered during a server action.
Public classServerEventStatus
Server event statuses.
Public classServerGroup
A set of server instances used to apply common policies.
Public classServerGroupDefinition
Defines a new server group.
Public classServerListOptions
Optional filter and paging options when listing servers.
Public classServerMetadata
Key value pairs associated with a server instance.
Public classServerNetworkDefinition
Defines additional networks to which a server should be attached.
Public classServerReference
Reference to a server instance.
Public classServerStatus
Server statuses.
Public classServerSummary
Summary information for a server instance.
Public classServerUpdateDefinition
Defines a set of fields to update on a server.
Public classServerVolume
Represents a volume attached to a server.
Public classServerVolumeDefinition
Defines how to attach a volume to a server.
Public classServerVolumeReference
Reference to a volume attachment to a server.
Public classServiceLimits
Set of account limits for the compute service.
Public classSnapshotServerRequest
Snapshots a server.
Public classVolume
Represents a volume which can be attached to a server.
Public classVolumeDefinition
Defines a new volume.
Public classVolumeSnapshot
Represents a snapshot of a volume.
Public classVolumeSnapshotDefinition
Defines a new volume snapshot.